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My name is Ryan Agee. I’m from Arizona and I love the outdoors. I enjoy bible studies, hiking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, severe weather, computers, and astronomy. In the future, I would love to try backpacking in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State. Recently, I moved to Texas from Tennessee and live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Recently, I have passed my CompTIA’s A+ certification exams and obtained my certificate in the mail. I am a proud to call myself an A+ Certified Professional. I am currently studying for my Network+ certification and both certificates (A+ and Network+) are a part of CompTIA’s Continuing Education Program. Also, I am pursuing Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional certification after I complete my Network+ certification study. As of today, I am currently looking for a computer repair technician job, whether it be full-time, part-time, or internship, I am looking to boost my experience in the computer repair technician profession. I have experience on fixing friend’s computers whether it be a power supply failure or a virus problem or a failed motherboard.

And two years ago, I was certified to be a storm spotter for a local National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee. This storm spotter certificate expires June 14, 2011. This will not stop me from my passion into severe weather. However, my focus is in the computer field and consider my severe weather interests as a hobby. I am totally fascinated by the phenomenon of severe weather.

Thank you for stopping by my website, and I hope you will return or be a regular visitor to my site.


Ryan Agee

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